About Us

Hello, and welcome to Kaloros Press!
We are a small book publisher based on Wadmalaw Island, in South Carolina. While our primary focus is Orthodox Christian theology, our purpose is to produce works of sufficient simplicity to be accessible to the average layperson of any background, and of sufficient depth to be useful in exploring and pursuing a Christian life.

My name is Michael Breck. I founded Kaloros Press with my father (Fr John Breck) as a way of bringing quality theological and catechetical material–thus far only available in French–to English-speaking readers.

Kaloros has always been envisioned as a collaborative enterprise. It first went into operation in 2008, working with St Vladimir’s Seminary Press to bring Fr John Breck’s The Shape of Biblical Language: Chiasmus in the Scriptures and Beyond back into print. Since then, we have teamed up  with friends and colleagues in France to bring you The Silver Series, by Fr Cyril Argenti.

Our hope, beyond completing The Silver Series (20+ volumes), is to cultivate a range of materials that are simple without being simplistic. Above all, we hope to provide a means for our fellow-Christians to discover the depth and richness of orthodox faith as they seek to live more fully in Christ.